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Long Way Down

Long Way Down cover artIf you've been following this blog and trust my reviews, then trust me one more time and read

Villains are the BEST (Aren't They?)

Because You Love to Hate Me cover artAh, villains.  Whether you hate them or love them, they can make or break a story.  Often they're more fascinating than the hero.  Yet they always get a bad rap.  Have you ever wanted, just once, for the villains to win? 

They Both Die at the End

The Both Die at the End cover artYou might think it isn't worth reading a book when you know how it will end.  We're so used to twist endings and cliff hangers that the perception now is that you just can skip to the end and figure out the basic story.  For some books that might be tru

Magic Words, Pirates, and Assassins (Oh My!)

The Reader cover artSefia has been on the run with her aunt Nin for most of her life.  Her parents were hunted to their deaths because of a rectangular object they had in their possession.  Now it's up to Sefia to keep the object safe.  Unsure if it is powerful or valuable, Sefia and Nin have kept moving, never staying in one p