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Backstage in Technicolor

The Backstagers Volume 1 cover artEver wonder what goes on behind the scenes during a play?  Do you think it involves a maze of doors leading to fantastic places and a paint of many colors?  You do and you did?!  Man, do I have a comic for you.

Long Way Down

Long Way Down cover artIf you've been following this blog and trust my reviews, then trust me one more time and read

Villains are the BEST (Aren't They?)

Because You Love to Hate Me cover artAh, villains.  Whether you hate them or love them, they can make or break a story.  Often they're more fascinating than the hero.  Yet they always get a bad rap.  Have you ever wanted, just once, for the villains to win? 

They Both Die at the End

The Both Die at the End cover artYou might think it isn't worth reading a book when you know how it will end.  We're so used to twist endings and cliff hangers that the perception now is that you just can skip to the end and figure out the basic story.  For some books that might be tru