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Don't Trust that House

Harper does NOT like her new house. And she’s pretty sure that her new house does NOT like her, either.

This Adventure Just Might Kill You...And Your Best Friend

Zed and Brock are best friends...even though they don’t have much in common. Zed is from the Servants Guild, one of the poorest groups in the City of Freestone, while Brock is from the wealthier Merchants Guild. Zed is shy and quiet, while Brock is bold and mischievous. Zed is half elf, the only one left in Freestone.

No Hobbits Here: Fantasy Beyond Middle-Earth

There comes a time when you might get tired of reading about hobbits, or about elves and grumpy dwarves becoming friends.  There's nothing wrong with dwarf-elf friendship, but sometimes you're not in the mood for it, or you feel like you've read it a million-bazillion times already.  Tolkien has been such a large figure in fantasy writing that it can feel like every book might be set in Middle-earth.  But that isn't so!

I am Princess X

I am Princess X cover artSometimes one friendship can define your life.  For May, that friend was Libby.  As little kids, they created the comic character, Princess X, and spent their time chronicling her adventures.  Then Libby died.  Before May could claim them, Libby's father threw away all the Princess X comics t

Odd Jobs for a Forgotten God: Noragami

Noragami Vol 1 Cover ArtWhen a god's life and power is based on the number of worshipers he has, what is an almost completely forgotten god with no shrines to do?  Start a business where he works odd jobs and minor miracles for 5 yen!   That's

These Fall Books Need to All be Out Already

This fall has a plethora of highly anticipated new books.  Here are just a few that we at the Library can't wait to read.  Now we just need to find time to read them all.

One of Us is Lying

One of Us is Lying cover artFive high school students enter detention.  Four of the them walk out.  One of them leaves in an ambulance.  What happened?

Support the Library at the Barnes and Noble Bookfair

Support the Library at the Barnes and Noble BookfairSupport the Library this Saturday at the Barnes and Noble Teen Book Festival; located at Marketview Shopping Center, 65 East Marketview Dr. in Champaign!