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Beauty, Lies, and Magic

The Belles cover artIn Orleans beauty is power.  Cursed generations ago, the people of Orleans are born gray.  Because of this they revere beauty and will pay exorbitant sums to the Belles, girls born with a magical ability to temporarily change a pers

Summer Reading has Started! Reading Takes You Everywhere!

Summer Reading logo: boy with direction signpostSummer reading has started!  This summer Reading Takes You Everywhere!  Win prizes for reading the books you were going to read anyway, and read more to win more!  Ebooks and audiobooks count!


The Girl from the Other Side

The Girl from the Other Side vol 1 cover artAn outsider's touch is a curse.  If one touches you (even a little), you become an outsider.  A hideous monster, doomed to live in the outside away from humankind.  To the humans (insiders) living in walled kingdoms, the outsiders ar

RWBY Manga!

RWBY Vol. 1

Teens, What Do You Want in Your Library?

The Library wants to hear from you!  Teen Open Lab is always busy, but maybe that's not your thing.  On Monday, April 23rd from 4 p.m. - 5 p.m., Library staff are holding a meeting (with food!) to hear your ideas about what else you want to do in the Library and how the Library can help you.  Join us in the Lewis Auditorium for a quick talk and bring your ideas!


Lauren C.

Resources for Teens

Urbana Free Library logoHave you looked at the For Teens section on the Library’s website lately? Did you know there was one? It can be found by hovering over the “Service Areas” menu on the Library’s home page and clicking “About” under the “Teens” heading.

There's Someone Inside Your House

There's Someone Inside Your House cover artYou know that feeling when you swear you left your phone on the table but it's not there, and later you find it in the kitchen but you don't remember leaving it there?  That slow trickle of dread traveling down your spine, beca

The Prince and the Dressmaker: Fashion and Friendship

The Prince and the Dressmaker cover artFrances is a talented but unknown seamstress.  Sebastian is a prince whose parents want to see him married sooner rather than later.  When Frances makes a risqué dress for a girl attending Sebastian’s 16th birthday ball, her sense of style catches the eye