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Villains are the BEST (Aren't They?)

Because You Love to Hate Me cover artAh, villains.  Whether you hate them or love them, they can make or break a story.  Often they're more fascinating than the hero.  Yet they always get a bad rap.  Have you ever wanted, just once, for the villains to win? 

Whatcha Reading, Friend?

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They Both Die at the End

The Both Die at the End cover artYou might think it isn't worth reading a book when you know how it will end.  We're so used to twist endings and cliff hangers that the perception now is that you just can skip to the end and figure out the basic story.  For some books that might be tru

Magic Words, Pirates, and Assassins (Oh My!)

The Reader cover artSefia has been on the run with her aunt Nin for most of her life.  Her parents were hunted to their deaths because of a rectangular object they had in their possession.  Now it's up to Sefia to keep the object safe.  Unsure if it is powerful or valuable, Sefia and Nin have kept moving, never staying in one p

Otakus Unite! (also Jellyfish Fashion)

Princess Jellyfish Vol 1 cover artProtect the otaku house!  The residents of Amamizukan all have topics they geek out over.  And they're all completely different.  But what bonds them is an understanding that their individual passions are all consuming and generally looked down on by the rest of the world.  A

A Season of Daring Greatly

A Season of Daring Greatly coverGo to college and play baseball for Stanford University, or accept an offer from the Pittsburgh Pirates as their third round pick? Many high school seniors face this dilemma each year, and it’s no different for Jill Cafferty.

Watch Maggie Stiefvater's Talk at The Urbana Free Library. Thanks to UPTV6!

Maggie Stiefvater signing booksCouldn't make it to Maggie Stiefvater's talk at The Urbana Free Library on November 15th?  Your friends at Urbana Public Television have you covered!  Urbana Public Television filmed Maggie's talk so you can watch it (or rewatch it if you were there that night).  Click

Don't Call Her a Hero

Renegades cover artThe same author that created everyone's favorite steampunk Cinderella has now turned her eye to the superhero genre.


The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue cover artHenry "Monty" Montague has plans for his year long sojourn to Europe before he's doomed to return and take over the family estate.  Those plans do not include a strict chaperone that will not let him gallivant about town.  Or taking his boo

She Got the Moon in Her Eye

Witches of Hylund draw magic from the earth using glyphs, or special symbols that represent various elements like air or fire.