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Summer Transformations

cover of The War That Saved My Life Summer can be a time of personal renewal and transformation.


What has no heart, no lungs, no spine and no brain? If you answered "My brother/sister!" you are wrong (and being a little bit mean)! Correct answer is jellyfish. We have 5 real live jellyfish in the department thanks to Brandon Rutherford, a teacher at Stratton Elementary School. They will be staying with us for the whole summer. They are on the children's question desk (in tanks of course, not flopping around on the desktop) along with all kinds of information about jellyfish. They have been very popular (most common question... "Are those REAL?!") and are very interesting to watch.

Award-Winning Non-Fiction

Does your little reader *love* sharks? How about great white sharks?

Hot Hot Hot

picture of interactive bulletin board "What's Your Faovrite Book or Movie?" Summer is here - maybe a bit too much summer, with temperatures in the 90s and humidity making us almost whistful for cold flakes of midwest snow.  (Almost, but not quite.)

Good Books for Hard Topics

Sometimes your little reader has some hard questions about things like war.

Amelia Recommends

book cover of Clip-Clop by Nicola Smee Young Amelia celebrated her first birthday at the Library!  Amelia brought her parents and grandmother, as well, for the festive occasion.  We asked her to recommend her favorite book.