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Good Books for Hard Topics

Sometimes your little reader has some hard questions about things like war.

Amelia Recommends

book cover of Clip-Clop by Nicola Smee Young Amelia celebrated her first birthday at the Library!  Amelia brought her parents and grandmother, as well, for the festive occasion.  We asked her to recommend her favorite book. 

Movia Mania

cover page of the book, "The Angry Birds Movie Official Guidebook" by Christopher Cerasi by Eighty three years ago today, on June 6, 1933, the first drive in movie theater in America opened! Currently, there are about 600 drive in theaters open in the United States. There are several family friendly movies this summer.

Last Full Week of Picture Book Month!

We're closing in on the final stretch of Picture Book Month, but there is totally time to participate!

Dyslexia Learning Kit

Did you see Lora Fegley, our Director of Adult and Youth Services, on WCIA yesterday talking about the many materials we have at the Library about Dyslexia? We posted the interview on our Facebook page, but I thought it would be a good time to highlight our Learning Kits which she mentioned in the interview.

Week Three of Picture Book Month!

It's week three of Picture Book Month, and I'm still going strong. I hope you and your little reader are, too!

On the Road Again

graphic of Read for the Win Summer Reading Program On the anniversary of Lewis and Clark's famous journey west of the Mississippi in 1804,  Children's Services staff will once again embark on their journey to Urbana School District's Elementary schools to spread the word about t

May Is Still Picture Book Month!

I hope you and your little reader have embraced May as Picture Book Month and spent the first week reading tons of great pict