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It's National Dog Day Today!

Cover page of the book, "A Lucky Author Has a Dog" by Mary Lyn RayToday with celebrate all kinds, sizes, shapes, breeds, and types of dogs because it's National Dog Day!  From sweet and cuddly to big and fiesty dogs, we love them all! More people in America have a dog for a pet (than any other animal).

Comic Con 2016!

For all our comic and graphic novel fans (which are MANY!) remember tomorrow is Comic Con '16 here at the library. There will be a medieval combat demonstaration outside in Cherry Alley, Fablab will be here to help you create things, a drawing contest and a Cosplay Parade for people who want to dress up. Nina Paley and and Damian Duffy will also present! Carol Tilley will discuss great women in comics. Then in the evening My Neighbor Totoro will play at 8:30 in the drive-through lot of Busey parking lot so bring your lawn chairs and bug spray for that!

Blueberries for Sal

Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskeyI just got back from a blueberry picking weekend in Michigan and was reminded of one of my favorite books: Blueberries for Sal by Robert McClos

Happy Birthday, Spiderman!

Cover Page of the Book, "Marvel Spiderman Character Encyclopedia" by DKHappy Birthday, Spiderman! Fifty four years ago today (August 1, 1962), Spiderman premiered in Marvel Comics. The ever popular Spiderman is widely available here in the Children's Department.

Summer Transformations

cover of The War That Saved My Life Summer can be a time of personal renewal and transformation.


What has no heart, no lungs, no spine and no brain? If you answered "My brother/sister!" you are wrong (and being a little bit mean)! Correct answer is jellyfish. We have 5 real live jellyfish in the department thanks to Brandon Rutherford, a teacher at Stratton Elementary School. They will be staying with us for the whole summer. They are on the children's question desk (in tanks of course, not flopping around on the desktop) along with all kinds of information about jellyfish. They have been very popular (most common question... "Are those REAL?!") and are very interesting to watch.