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Animals at the Library

Cover of the book "Snakes" by Nic BishopMore live animals are coming to the Urbana Free Library Children's Department in July. (In June, we hosted dogs and miniature horses plus Furball, our summer hamster friend.) Now, in July, there will be birds, snakes, and turtles.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad PLOP?

The Terrible Plop book coverDown by the lake, six little rabbits are crunching on carrots and munching on cake.

Are You Lost?

Lost and Found book coverWhen a penguin rings his doorbell one morning, a boy embarks on a journey to send him back where he

Tales from the Rim (of the Food Bowl)

The Summer Reading Program is up and running and I can't believe how busy it is!  It is like a Hamster Feeding Frenzy around here sometimes, even though it is not about food - it's about books and summer reading and  friends.  It reminds me when my Uncle Herb brought a gigantic carrot into our yard, and every Hamster for miles came running.  But that's another

Animal Programs = Summer Fun

cover of "Summer Birds : The Butterflies of Maria Merian"Animal themed programs abound this June in Children's Services of the Urbana Free Library. Our Summer Reading Program theme is Paws to Read, so we are offering many exciting animal themed programs this summer.

I'm Here!

A Goofy Classic

Some movies you loved as a child don’t stand up under adult scrutiny years later.

Check out eBooks!

Did you know that you can borrow adult and children’s eBooks from the Urbana Free Library by downloading them from our website with your Urbana Free library card? It is easy and free and you get the item(s) for 2 weeks. It expires automatically, so there are never any overdue fees. We are trying to promote this great service with sliders in the Juvenile and First Chapter bookshelves to show you which titles we have bought e-copies of that are JUST for use of our patrons (there are many other titles available, just browse the site).