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You Will Be Remembered

It’s hard to explain aging and the loss of their older relatives to children.

Super Saturday Programs

National Hispanic Heritage MonthCome to the Urbana Free Library Children's Department on Saturdays for great programs.

Guard Sloth! Enter at Your Own Peril!!

What is a little girl to do when her mother promises that she can have any pet that doesn’t have to be walked, fed or bathed?

I'm in Love!

Ferdinand the French Bulldogbig dog meets little dogJade </body></html>

This Place is for the Birds!

Hello again.  A lot has happened since we last conversed.  And maybe I'm moping a little, because I, Furball the Hamster, was supposed to be the main event this summer.  (At least that's what it says in my contract.)  But the people-types around here have brought in a host of other animals for the Summer Reading Program.  (By the way, it's not too late to sign-up and log your books by August 31!) 

Catch a Kiss!

“At any given moment, someone, somewhere, is blowing a kiss. And somewhere, someone is catching it.”

Summer Reading Program is Still in Full Swing

Summer Reading Programs at the Urbana Free Library : May 31-August 31The Summer Reading Programs at the Urbana Free LIbrary are going great and continue through August 31. In the Children's Department, we have over 500 children signed up for the Summer Reading Program with many already claiming their prizes.

Do You Believe in Fairies?

Do you? Do you imagine them as beautiful little creatures, kind and playful?