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New DVDs from the Criterion Collection

If you are a movie lover, you are probably already familiar with the Criterion Collection. The Criterion Collection has been publishing special editions of notable classic and contemporary films since 1984. Their selections include films from around the world, and encompass everything from experimental films to cult classics, documentaries, and even musical performances. Their editions always have cool supplemental materials (interviews, short films, commentary, etc.) and are often also accompanied by a booklet with additional information about the film.

Book Trailers

All of us in this age of media have watched dozens of trailers—those thrilling and attention-catching filmed excerpts used to advertise and promote movies and television programs.

A recent marketing phenomenon is the book trailer. A broad variety of little videos out there celebrate individual books. Publishers, authors, teachers and plain old enthusiastic readers have embraced this strategy of creating visual book ads. Seems nonsensical, doesn’t it? Using moving images to promote reading? Yet, in a similar way, music videos promote sound recordings.

Car woes? Meet ALLDATA

ALLDATA Repair, Library & Educational Version logoFix your cars with Urbana Free’s help! Automobiles are great, but they’re machines--they develop problems and need repair. Lots of us employ trusted auto mechanics, but a large number of car owners go the do-it-yourself repair route.

Text It!

Have you ever faced this dilemma:  you browse the Library’s online catalog, find a book that is on the shelf that you want to check out, you come t

New Year's Resolutions


Your library has great resources to help you make lasting positive changes in your life for the New Year! Here are just a few of the ways you can step into 2016 feeling invigorated with support from the great collection at The Urbana Free Library: