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Car woes? Meet ALLDATA

ALLDATA Repair, Library & Educational Version logoFix your cars with Urbana Free’s help! Automobiles are great, but they’re machines--they develop problems and need repair. Lots of us employ trusted auto mechanics, but a large number of car owners go the do-it-yourself repair route.

Text It!

Have you ever faced this dilemma:  you browse the Library’s online catalog, find a book that is on the shelf that you want to check out, you come t

New Year's Resolutions


Your library has great resources to help you make lasting positive changes in your life for the New Year! Here are just a few of the ways you can step into 2016 feeling invigorated with support from the great collection at The Urbana Free Library:


Fiction Finders

Image of Fiction Finders spine labelHow do you decide what to read? Let me introduce you to an old-school but excellent technique—using books to discover books.

Memoirs by Rock Goddesses

It's the time of the year when all the "Best Of" lists start appearing, including the annual lists of staff favorites at The Urbana Free Library (you can find on the Staff Favorites 2016 page on the website) . I always find it fascinating to see what other people enjoyed reading over the past year. When I reflected on my reading from the last twelve months, I was surprised to discover that I read more non-fiction titles than I usually do, many of them memoirs .

Local Information—For Your Convenience

You may visit us for our books, computer lab, programs or genealogical resources, but The Urbana Free Library can also be your go-to source for local information. We can help make your life easier by providing one convenient place to obtain many different handouts or snippets of news or to take care of daily tasks.

Our cultural and community information bulletin boards are packed with posters announcing performances, meetings, official announcements, and local activities.