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The World Is Moving

Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring have teamed up to create a fantastic compilation of women who have posi

Winter Preparedness—Ask Your Library for Tips

Our library has a craft experience going on right now for everyone to enjoy. Come in and color a snowflake (like the one pictured here.) Your art will be turned into a beautiful display.

Harry Dresden Read-Alikes

If you’re a fan of urban fantasy, chances are that you’ve consumed all of the

Project Oasis: A New Resource for Immigrant Services and Support

A team of students from the University of Illinois (Illinois Enactus) have stepped up to create Project Oasis, a new website designed to help Champaign Urbana's immigrant communities.  These students have put together a beautifully designed website with links to resources for immigrants, orga

Don't Call Me Mr. Indriðason

Perhaps this has happened to you:  you’re looking for the latest

Love Between the Covers

Love Between the Covers logoA new addition to our Urbana Free Library non-fiction film collection—

Hear Me Out...

Okay, okay…okay. The cover is quite silly. The title is, perhaps, even sillier.

November 11, 11:11 a.m.

Movie box coversToday we celebrate Veterans Day, a public holiday in which we officially honor and remember all the military veterans who have served in our Armed Forces throughout the years.

Go Cubs!

Cubs FansI'll be watching Game 7 tonight, hoping, hoping that the Cubbies manage to pull off a mi