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New Year’s Resolution--Watch Nonfiction Films!

Nonfiction DVDsStart out 2017 by enhancing your DVD passion. If you’re a fan of our DVD collection, you’ve already browsed the feature motion pictures, TV shows, anime, and music films on the first floor. Come on up to the second floor and discover the vast array of nonfiction films available for you to check out.

The World Is Moving

Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring have teamed up to create a fantastic compilation of women who have posi

Winter Preparedness—Ask Your Library for Tips

Our library has a craft experience going on right now for everyone to enjoy. Come in and color a snowflake (like the one pictured here.) Your art will be turned into a beautiful display.

Harry Dresden Read-Alikes

If you’re a fan of urban fantasy, chances are that you’ve consumed all of the

Project Oasis: A New Resource for Immigrant Services and Support

A team of students from the University of Illinois (Illinois Enactus) have stepped up to create Project Oasis, a new website designed to help Champaign Urbana's immigrant communities.  These students have put together a beautifully designed website with links to resources for immigrants, orga

Don't Call Me Mr. Indriðason

Perhaps this has happened to you:  you’re looking for the latest

Love Between the Covers

Love Between the Covers logoA new addition to our Urbana Free Library non-fiction film collection—

Hear Me Out...

Okay, okay…okay. The cover is quite silly. The title is, perhaps, even sillier.

November 11, 11:11 a.m.

Movie box coversToday we celebrate Veterans Day, a public holiday in which we officially honor and remember all the military veterans who have served in our Armed Forces throughout the years.