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It's time for the Olympics!


The 2016 Summer Olympics have begun in Rio, with millions of people around the world tuning in for the sports and the spectacle promised by the global competition. Want to know more about the modern Olympic Games and their history? Here are a few new titles to get you started! 

Beyond birdwatching

Are you a birdwatcher? Do you enjoy identifying those delightful feathered creatures that haunt your bird feeder? But do you know how birds communicate? Do you know that songbirds around the world are endangered? Here are two recent documentary DVDs that go beyond avian identification.

The Girls of Summer

Books about young women are one of the big trends this summer, and we even had a display recently of novels with titles that included the word “girl” or “girls.” There were so many to choose from! Recently I read two new books in this category, both of which feature teenage girls seeking connection and friendship with other young women, only to find something more complicated, and maybe even sinister.

Yellow keyboards!

adaptive yellow keyboard and trackball mouseOur computer lab offers special, bright yellow, large print keyboards, available for use at our senior workstations.

Horns - by Joe Hill

HornsMost everyone has heard of "cringe humor"--the kind of awkward humor that makes you shudder and want to be somewhere else.  The best way I can describe "Horns" might therefore be "cringe horror".  You'll shudder and want to get away, but the horrific ideas and scenarios put forward will hold you captive even when you aren't reading...