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New Music at The Urbana Free Library!


We take great pride in bringing you not only the most popular new music titles, but also great artists whose work flies a little lower on the radar. Below are just a few of the new critically acclaimed records on their way to The Urbana Free Library:


Cold Cave- Cherish the light years

Shakey Ground

New Views on Time Travel

Partially as a result of my love for Doctor Who, and partially from my overly creative childhood imagination, there’s one thing that will always hold true for me: I LOVE the concept of time travel.

Two new coming-of-age novels.

While I love to read all sorts of fiction, my favorite books fall into the very general category of coming-of-age stories.

A Revealing Look at a "Revealing History of the World's Oldest Profession"


Tyler Stoddard Smith claims that the aim of his book is “to look into some of the shadier corners of human history, and to shed a little light on an eternally compelling figure:  the prostitute.” If you would expect a stiffly academic and detached depiction of prostitution throughout history, you would grossly misjudge Whore Stories: a Revealing History of the World’s Oldest Profession.