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Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

Something is wrong in Area X, an isolated coastal region, full of wildlife, empty of human inhabitants. The Southern Reach, as the organization responsible for exploring, explaining, and possibly containing Area X, has sent a team of scientists through the border to investigate. This the twelfth expedition. The previous expeditions were not successful. Successful at what? That's a good question. Something wrong in Area X? Read more about Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

Staff Picks- Best music of 2013

Below are some of the music releases of 2013 that the staff at The Urbana Free Library enjoyed the most. A few of these titles are re-releases of older obscure artists, others are the debut records of brand new artists, still others reflect the current state of artists that have been making music for some time. Read more about Staff Picks- Best music of 2013

Two Recent Feature Documentaries

While library visitors enjoy our educational DVD collection because of the travel or how-to or exercise titles, many borrowers are fascinated with the variety of stories presented in our feature documentaries. Sometimes the stories feature controversy, as in these two recent DVD additions to our collection.

[Double-click the trailers to go to full screen.] Read more about Two Recent Feature Documentaries

The Fault In Our Stars

Although driving down the street blubbering like a big baby is not my usual form of entertainment,  I’d have to say this time I rather enjoyed it.  I’ve been listening to The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green.  I decided to give it a try because it was on every recommended reading list from the American Library Association to the New York Times. Read more about The Fault In Our Stars