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Fall cookbook trends: Instant Pots and slow cooking!


Fall is always a big time for cookbooks, and for good reason. With sunset coming earlier and temperatures dropping, cozying up at home and cooking something hearty and warm sounds like the perfect evening. Two of the popular topics right now seem to be cookbooks focused on slow cookers and Instant Pots, and we have great new titles on both topics with lots of recipes and tips. Whether you are new to using these appliances or an old pro looking for new ideas, check out some of these new titles!

International Games Week: RPGs

International Games Week LogoIf you want an immersive, elaborate game that can last months or even years, then you want a Table Top RPG or role playing gaming. 

International Games Week: Party

International Games Week LogoDesigned to include upwards of eight or ten players.  More than just trivia and Pictionary. 

International Games Week: Family

International Games Week LogoJust what it sounds like.  Games everyone in the family will enjoy from young to old.  Usually these games can accommodate at least four players and don't take hours to finish. 

Unless you consider Monopoly and Risk family games.  Then get ready to play for hours.

International Games Week: Euro Games

International Games Week LogoIn honor of International Games Week, we're going to look at types of board games.  One type a day!  This is by no means a list of every type of game out there.  There are many different types, but we're going to highlight some of the ones that are popular at The Urbana Free Librar

Champaign Urbana Jazz Festival Heats Up!

Kevin HartThe 3rd Annual CU Jazz Fest is happening this weekend and Urbana Free Library is proud to be a cosponsor.  The Festival is four jam-packed days of jazz performances that take place all over CU.  Urbana Free Library is thrilled to be hosting a jazz quartet with the phemomenal vibraphonist