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Moments Crystalized into Words

Don't bother the earth spirit who lives here. She is working on a story. It is the oldest story in the world and it is delicate, changing. If she sees you watching she will invite you in for coffee, give you warm bread, and you will be obligated to stay and listen. But this is no ordinary story. You will have to endure earthquakes, lightning, the deaths of all those you love, the most blinding beauty. It's a story so compelling you may never want to leave; this is how she traps you. See that stone finger over there? Read more about Moments Crystalized into Words

It's Time to Get Graphic!

I confess that I have not always been a fan of graphic novels. I appreciated the artwork and stylistic value, but it was difficult for me to read the text and visual story as a whole work. I would either concentrate on the text bubbles, or look exclusively at the artwork. Read more about It's Time to Get Graphic!

The Dark Knight Returns!

What happens when a super-hero ages out?  Can he ever stop righting wrongs—will his ego even allow it?  Frank Miller’s story of an aging Batman plays with this idea brilliantly.  For those of you now thinking “this sounds just like ‘The Watchmen,’” the first installment of “The Dark Knight Returns” was published in 1986 where a Read more about The Dark Knight Returns!

Cool Off with Books

Happy Summer! The days of backyard lounging, flowers, bug spray, garden veggies, etc. have really arrived. The humid HEAT is here too! One of my favorite ways to cool off is to sit in the shade or near a fan and read a good book. The expereince is enhanced if I read about "cool" subjects. Perhaps you will be inspired by these books to make some delicious and refreshing summer treats to keep you cool. Read more about Cool Off with Books