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Urbana Votes! Tuesday, March 15 is Election Day

Election news is basically inescapable these days – especially since the Illinois primary is nearly upon us.  Tuesday, March 15 is decision day for Illinois voters. 

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152

Book jacketThe idea of mice—walking, talking, adventuring mice—is not a new one.  Most recognizably, the Redwall series by Brian Jacques had this same theme.  While Mouse Guard certainly took a great deal of inspiration from Redwall with its similar theme and setting, there is so much more to love about this

DIY - Backyard!

Backyard ChickensGrow Cook EatYeah, I know.  We're in the middle of

Lifelong Learning--Great Courses

Learning doesn’t have to end after formal schooling or retirement. There’s a world of knowledge out there just waiting to be discovered. Explore our Great Courses DVDs or CDs as one resource.

Family Advocacy in Champaign County

With a mission of protecting children by strengthening and supporting families, the Family Advocacy Center of Champaign is available to families who are involved with the child welfare system, children in foster care, and families in crisis that may need encouragement while they change their lives. 

Watch your music!

Like to listen to tunes? Enjoy delving into facts about your favorite musicians? Do exciting behind-the-scenes musical performances thrill you? Watch a music documentary! Besides music on CD, the library offers an entertaining collection of music on DVD. Some films are concert or music videos, but quite a few are documentaries—real tales of the musical world. Introduce yourself to the lives and motivations of those who’ve lived to perform. Discover firsthand how an album or tour was created.