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Cat & Snack! For Cat Lovers of All Ages

Cat FeltiesI'm an unabashed Cat Lover... and Urbana, I think I'm not alone.  If you consider yourself a feline-worshipper, stop by the auditorium this Sunday, September 13 (from 2 - 3pm) for "Cat & Snack."   You can choose from a variety of cat crafts, including felt, paper crafts, and stickers.

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We like big books and we cannot lie!

Big Books DisplayTime to highlight a little-known, but impressive and hefty, collection in our library.

Our library contains books of all shapes, sizes, and weights.

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

If you’ve ever heard of Rainbow Rowell, you probably know her as the popular author of tw

Comics for Grown Ups


Recently I read the first volumes of two comic book series, both of which are fun and very funny (but definitely not for kids!).

Have you tried home brewing?

If you’re interested in joining the home brewing movement, but aren’t really a wine or beer drinker, there’s one other option for you to consider: cider.