Have you ever wanted to start a craft project, but never knew where to begin? Perhaps you saw a fun craft book in the New Book Room at the Library, but couldn’t find it after it was moved to the main non-fiction stacks. Or maybe you’ve ran out of projects on Pinterest, and need some fresh creative ideas.

Speaking as a fellow crafter, I can attest to experiencing dry spells in creativity. I’ll have stretches of creative genius brimming with fresh style and perspective (I might be stretching the truth just a *tad* here, but you get the idea) followed by long periods of tedium. Whenever I find myself in this sort of predicament, which is more often than not, I usually turn to the library’s books for new inspiration.

Because of my fondness for library craft books, I was beyond excited when I found a new book at the library titled BIBLIOCraft: A Modern Crafter’s Guide to Using Library Resources to Jumpstart Creative Projects by Jessica Pigza.

Jessica Pigza is a rare book librarian at the New York Public Library, with a strong interest in using old stylistic designs as inspiration for new creations. With this particular bent, she has compiled a book brimming with tips and advice about finding inspiration in a variety of places in the library.

My favorite section of her book lists online library ex libris (bookplate) collections, including the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s John Starr Stewart Ex Libris Collection. With an extensive catalog of bookplates at my fingertips, I have plenty of sources to draw creative inspiration from. And now that I’ve found designs that I love, let the crafting begin!

Looking for similar inspiration? Request BIBLIOCraft today!