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Travel Again through Space and Time...

It’s a tried and true classic by Madeleine L’Engle about good versus evil, about the triumph of love over all else. A Wrinkle in Time is beloved by all age groups and kicks off L’Engle’s Time Quintet.

In this Newberry Award winning adventure, we meet the Murray family:  teenage Meg Murray, a misfit in frequent trouble at school for her impatience and stubbornness; the twins Dennys and Sandy, who are as popular and athletic as Meg is not; Charles Wallace, the youngest Murray who is so intuitive and intelligent that the rest of the community thinks him a “moron;” and Dr. Murray, a brilliant scientist and supportive mother who is trying to stay strong for her children while they all grieve their missing father, the other Dr. Murray.

Meg and Charles Wallace share a special bond; Meg defends him against all who make fun of him, and Charles Wallace understands Meg in a way that not many do. Together, Meg and Charles Wallace embark on a journey through space and time with the mysterious and odd Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which. Along the way, they pick up Calvin O’Keefe, a boy from Meg’s school who learns that all his preconceived notions about the Murrays are untrue.

Mrs. Whatsit and company show the children the complexity, the simplicity, the danger and the gloriousness of the universe. The travelers battle The Thing, a freezing and ominous darkness that threatens all things. They also come up directly against IT, the malevolent, freewill-stealing product of The Thing that holds the Murray children’s father hostage. Along the way, the children learn what they are capable of and also what it takes to fight for those they love.

Madeleine L’Engle is a Christian writer, and her books do have overt Christian themes. For any who don’t mind the religious messages, this novel is great for any children who have graduated to chapter books and also any teens or adults who like their science fiction to be positive and uplifting.


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