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What to Do When You Grow Up...

  For those of you starting your senior year of high school (and probably everyone else, too), the thought of what you want to do with your life once you’ve graduated has probably crossed your mind once or twice...or a hundred times. For a lot of you, college is on your to-do list. And, most likely, the idea of choosing a major and a career path has caused you no small amount of stress. As much as doing something you enjoy is on your mind, how much money you will make while doing this thing you hope to enjoy is probably high on your priority list, as well. Maybe this article can be of some help:

Or maybe college isn’t for you. It doesn’t have to be. Or it doesn’t have to be right now. For those of you who don’t plan on attending college after high school, there are still plenty of career options available. Just read this article:

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