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What's in the Stars for You?


How much of your life is decided by fate? And how much do you get to shape your own future? These are the questions that Jepp asks himself his entire life. As a dwarf in the 1500s, life isn’t necessarily going to be easy. But he has a mother who loves him, and when he meets Don Diego de la Fuente, a member of the Spanish court, he has an exciting new opportunity:  to earn a living by entertaining Spanish royalty. The job comes with expensive clothes, lavish accommodations, a well-stocked library, his own personal tutor, great food…and a beautiful young girl named Lia, another dwarf with a sad but beautiful voice. Life should be good. As long as he’s happy jumping out of pies and generally acting the fool to stay in favor…as long as he turns a blind eye to the abuses suffered by himself and the people he cares about…


The first section of Jepp, Who Defied the Stars by Katherine Marsh switches between Jepp’s life as a court dwarf and a harsh journey toward an undefined future. In the second section, Jepp works hard to gain the respect of his new master and the chance to better himself, and he even dares to fall in love again. But the final section questions whether his past, and a future that was written out since his birth, will continue to haunt him the rest of his days or whether he will ever get to live the life of his own choosing. If you've ever felt certain of your place in the world or if you've ever questioned everything, this book will speak to you.

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