All Ages

Premiere of The Magic Lantern

This premier combines old and new animation by local artist EKAH, in this interactive presentation for the whole family. Funded in part by the Urbana Public Arts Program.

The Tin People

Super-fun TIN people meeting!

First Friday: Library Scavenger Hunt

What part of the Library is 100 years old? Who is that a painting of? Go on a scavenger hunt to learn the stories behind objects you see in the Library everyday!

Brazilian Carnival!

Come in costume and celebrate Carnival! Enjoy beautiful Brazilian music by the Elis Artz Quartet, including Elis Arts (vocals), Heitor Almeida (guitar) and Marco Bonomo (piano). Dance, make crafts, and celebrate at this all ages party!

UFLive! presents Vinny Santanelli

Vinny Santanelli is a folk ‘n blues artist who combines harmonica, acoustic guitar, vocals, and other instruments in a unique and unforgettable way. Having been influenced by folk, jazz, blues, bluegrass, and Celtic music, he creates an eclectic musical experience rich in story and vibrant in sound. He has been featured at various venues, including TV, radio, festivals, restaurants, clubs, coffee houses, and other special events.

An Evening with Frank & Allie Lee with Sam Payne

Join Frank & Allie Lee (and local favorite Sam Payne) for an intimate evening performance. You're in store for an evening of songs and tunes from the rural South, spanning bluegrass, old time, blues, and spirituals. Allie and Frank, from popular old time band The Freight Hoppers, play guitars, banjos, harmonica, and fiddle - and sing nearly every piece in harmony. You'll have more fun than a barrel of...banjos!

Second Saturday Board Games

Join us for this monthly drop-in program for all ages. Choose a game to play from the Library's collection of board games for adults and families. We have some old classics like Go and Backgammon, as well as new favorites like deck-building Dominion and treasure-hunting Tobago. Never heard of 'em? No problem. We'll have staff and volunteers standing by to lead demonstrations of how to play. Grab a beverage at the cafe and spend an enjoyable afternoon playing games with friends at the Library.

4H Meeting