Comic Con '17: Celebrating Comics and Fandom Since 2016

Dress up in your favorite cosplay and prepare for a day full of all the pop culture and geeky things you love. We embrace all fandoms, from dungeon crawling D&Ders to Death Note-loving otakus, from gamers who just want one more hour of Minecraft™ or Super Smash Bros.™ to hardcore Supernatural fans who make memes for every situation. Events for all ages and fandoms.

Comic Con is generously sponsored by Illini Media and Peggy and Bob Podlasek in memory of Greg Bliss.

Solar System 101 with Cosmologist Joaquin Vieira

In anticipation of the solar eclipse on August 21, we're exploring the skies. At this event, cosmologist Joaquin Vieira takes us on a tour of our solar system. We'll hear about the planets, moons, and our sun, and learn some surprising facts about how our solar system works.

After the program, we'll step outside the Library where we'll use telescopes to view night skies. Come explore with us!

Friends of the Library monthly meeting

Friends of the Library monthly meeting. Room reserved beginning at 11 AM for the stamping and folding of the Book Sale flyers.

Library Staff at Clark-Lindsey Village Library

Library staff will visit the Clark-Lindsey Village Library to issue/renew library cards, sign residents up for courtesy delivery, place holds or interlibrary loans, help with downloadable materials, and provide other library services.